Ariens vs. Kubota Zero-turn Mower Comparison

This article will compare the Ariens vs. Kubota Zero-turn mowers. While these professional-grade mowers are similar in many ways, we’re going to explore the distinct differences so that you can determine which machine is best suited for your needs.

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Ariens vs. Kubota Zero-turn Mowers

What is a zero-turn mower? One thing that sets them apart from other types of lawnmowers is their ability to easily turn on the spot, which means that you can make wide turns in one fluid motion. In addition, with the Ariens high-back padded seat + armrests and Kubota’s high-back deluxe suspension seat with full-flat operator platform + high cushion mat, comfort is guaranteed with both options. However, comfort isn’t the only factor when it comes to investing in a high-power machine. Quality, durability, engine speed, efficiency, and cost should all be considered when shopping for mowers.

Before pulling the trigger on a new mower, let’s look at these popular models: the Kubota ZD1211-60 and the Ariens ZENTIH 60. The two brands of zero-turn mowers are fiercely competitive, and each has its own set of advantages.


The Kubota ZD1211-60 Zero-Turn Mower is significantly larger than the Ariens Zenith 60. Here are the exact sizing specifications:

Ariens ZENITH 60 – KAWASAKI Dimensions:

  • Length – 81 in.
  • Width – 75 in.
  • Height – 49 in.
  • Weight – 953 lbs.

Kubota ZD1211-60 Zero-turn Mower Dimensions:

  • Length – 89 in.
  • Width (w/ mower) – 73.8 in.
  • Width (w/o mower) – 59.4 in.
  • Height (ROPS upright) – 78.7 in.
  • Height (ROPS folded) – 64.6 in.
  • Weight (w/ mower) – 1676 lbs.

Choosing the correct mower dimensions depends heavily on your land or yard area parameters. For example, larger yards with trees and rough terrain require a different mower than smaller yards with smooth grass.

Find out which lawn mower size is best for you.

kubota vs ariens zero-turn mower comparison

Mower Deck Specifications

When comparing the Ariens vs. Kubota zero-turn mower decks, there’s a lot to consider.

Ariens ZENITH 60

  • Deck Size – 60 in.
  • Deck Steel Thickness – 10-gauge steel
  • Deck Construction – Fabricated
  • Deck Engagement – Electric Ogura
  • Deck Lift System – Foot Operated
  • Deck Drive – Belt

Kubota ZD 1211-60

  • Deck Size – 60 in.
  • Deck Steel Thickness – 16-gauge steel
  • Deck Type – Kubota ProDeck w/ ACS
  • Deck Depth – 6 in.
  • Deck Lift System – Foot Operated
  • Deck Drive – Multi-belt


Cutting Specs

The Ariens zero turn mower offers a cutting width of 60 inches and a cutting height range of 1.5-5 inches.

The Kubota ZD 1211-60 also has a cutting width of 60 inches and three precision blades that provide a cutting height range of 1-5 inches. In addition, all of Kubota’s deck controls are located on the right side for easy access, allowing you to quickly change the cutting height any time you want.

Engine Specs & Speed

The Ariens mower sports a professional-grade Kawasaki FX730V V-Twin engine with a total displacement of 726 cc and a maximum horsepower of 23.5.

Meanwhile, the Kubota Zero-turn mower is powered by a liquid-cooled, 3-cylinder Kubota D1105-E4-ZD-2 diesel engine with a total displacement of 1123 cc and a maximum horsepower of 24.8.

Regarding fuel tank sizes, the Kubota features an impressive 12.9-gallon tank, while the Ariens holds only 5.1 gallons. This means you’ll be able to mow far longer with the Kubota before running dry. In addition, since the Kubota requires fewer thank refills, you’ll be able to work for more extended periods of time.

ariens vs kubota zero-turn mowers


When comparing Kubota vs. Ariens zero turn mower transmissions, which one is superior?

The Kubota ZD 1211-60 Zero-turn Mower features a 2-HST transmission with gear reduction. On the other hand, the Ariens ZENITH 60 houses a commercial Hydro-Gear ZT-3100 transmission. As a result, the Kubota’s ground speed can reach up to 10.6 mph, while the Ariens only reaches 8 mph.

Which Mower is Right for You? Ariens or Kubota Zero Turn

Now that we’ve compared two major manufacturers of zero-turn mowers, Ariens and Kubota, it’s time to decide which one is best for you.

When you need a top-notch diesel mower that can handle any mowing job, the Kubota ZD 1211-60 has you covered. Here are 5 tips for selecting a Kubota lawnmower.

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Now that you’ve been informed of the similarities and differences between Kubota and Ariens mowers, we trust that you can see why Kubota’s high-quality machines and well worth your investment.

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