What’s the Best Small Farm Tractor for the Money?

small farm tractors

Choosing a tractor for a small farm is not an easy task. There are many different brands and models to choose from, all with pros and cons. To simplify this task, we have compiled a list of our top picks for the best small farm tractors this year. We hope this list will help you find the right model for your needs!

The Rising Popularity of Small Farm Tractors

The design of tractors has changed drastically in recent years, as well as their capabilities. Compact tractors can now handle more work than ever before, allowing farmers to spend less time behind the wheel and more time at the farm.

The newest generation of small farm tractors is versatile, comfortable, technologically advanced, and has many options. Farm tractor manufacturers focus on creating user-friendly, comfortable, and powerful machines that consistently serve the needs of lawn mowing companies, farmers, property maintenance companies, and road departments.

The Best Hitch for a Small Farm Tractor

If you are looking for the best farm tractor near you, some considerations should be made before making your purchase — one being add-on implements. Most small farm tractors are compatible with different types of add-ons. Depending on the tractor’s size, there are three categories to choose from — CAT-0, CAT-1, and CAT-2.

CAT-0 Implements

Cat-0 implements, created to work with the sub-compact farm tractors with horsepower ratings in the teens and 20s, are light duty and can be hard to find. You won’t have as many options with Cat-0 implements.

CAT-1 Implements

Standard implements are compatible with a Cat-1 hitch and are readily available on the used market. This is great if you want to get a great deal on attachments later on. They use a 7/8” lower arm pin and are common on small farm tractors across many brands.

CAT-2 Implements

High-horsepower implements may use a Cat-2 hitch with a 1-1/8” lower arm pin. For heavy-duty use, Cat-2 is a good choice. There is some compatibility between these options, as well. Adapter sleeves make using a lighter-duty implement on a bigger tractor easy.

Best Farm Tractor for the Money: Expert Picks

The Kubota company has a long-standing reputation among the top tractor manufacturers in the world. Their lineup of machines includes tractors with horsepower ranging from 18 to 168. As the leading distributor of tractors under 40 hp, Kubota is well-known for prioritizing user comfort and ergonomic placement of controls.

best utility tractor for small farm Kubota B2320

Kubota B2320 Narrow Tractor

The Kubota B2320 Narrow tractor offers 223.0 HP and is one of the best compact tractors for a small farm. You can add a front loader, mid-mount mower, and many front-mounts to this tractor. User-friendly and versatile, this high-performing Kubota is one of the most comfortable tractors on the market.

best tractor for small farm BX23s

Kubota BX23S Tractor

The Kubota BX23S is the No. 1 selling sub-compact tractor in the USA. The front-loader implement disconnects in 60 seconds, and the swift-connect backhoe lets users go from three-point implements to backhoe without tools. In addition, it has an advanced navigation system that makes it easy to use and a comfortable cabin perfect for long-distance driving. Dealer-installed heated cabs and deluxe operator stations are also popular options.

best Kubota tractor for small farm 3350

Kubota B2650/B3350 Models

One of the best small tractors for a small farm is the Kubota B2650/B3350 series. A factory cab option offers climate control so you can get the job done no matter the weather. Wide-opening doors allow easy access, and noise insulation makes the ride even more comfortable. The Kubota Built Backhoe is easy to remove without tools. Smooth hydraulics, ample dig depth, and reach, as well as a fully reversible seat, make this tractor a dream come true.

Even operators without much experience will find the Kubota line of small farm tractors intuitive and easy to manage. See our tractor comparison blog for more guidance.

Finding the Best Farm Tractor Near You

Ultimately, the best compact tractor is one that fits your farm’s needs. If you are researching tractor brands, you are already aware of how important this piece of machinery is to the success of your operation. Many brands of small farm tractors are available in the U.S., and it’s a good idea to choose from those that are easily accessible. You’ll want to look closely at your choices in person, understand the available add-ons, and find a convenient place to have your tractor serviced before you decide.

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