Get the Kubota M Series Tractors You Need at Bobby Ford

When you need an M series Kubota that is especially suited for your vegetable and fruit row crops, Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment can help. With Rated Engine HP from as little as 72.6 HP up to 108 HP, we’ve got the right sized machine for your operations. Powered by Kubota’s proven and reliable V3800 turbocharged, 3.8 liter Tier 4 diesel engine, you’ll be ready to spray, plant, or harvest your crops in no time at all.

Ground Clearance for Orchards or Vegetable Rows

Whether you need high clearance front and rear axles for your vegetable and fruit row crops, or low clearance and profile for a low handing orchard canopy, an M Series Kubota can be the solution. With bi-speed turning for a tight turn radius, your row transitions will be easier than ever, making your field work easier than ever.

Our M Series Kubotas Have the Most Comfortable Cabs

Like the rest of our product lines, our Kubota Specialty Tractors promote operator efficiency with ergonomic controls, the proper steering wheel tilt, and intuitively placed main controls. Your front, back, and sideways visibility will keep you comfortable and aware of your tractor’s surroundings, so you can minimize crop damage.

Our Kubota M Series Tractors Don’t Compromise on Quality

Our low profile models are built to last, and come standard with heavy-duty steel fenders that don’t need to be replaced during your tractor’s useful life. The low profile model is tailored for orchard use, and light plastic or fiberglass fenders are poor defenders against the ruthless tree branches that will beat and break lesser machines.

Don’t wait to get your quote – contact us today, or visit our Kubota showroom in the Greater Houston Area – Angleton, TX. See for yourself why professionals are raving about Kubota M Series Tractors, and start experiencing the Kubota difference now.


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