Kubota MX Series Economy Utility Tractors at Bobby Ford

When you need a Kubota MX that is versatile enough to manage work at any work site, Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment has the right model for you. Built with a Kubota Diesel Engine, your economy utility tractor is powered by the #1 manufacturer in the WORLD for multi-cylinder, non-automotive diesel engines. Like any other Kubota, our Kubota MX Series is known for its quality, longevity, and reliability.

Your Economy Utility Comes with a Choice of Powertrain

With our Kubota MX line, you have options. For a smooth, shock-free ride, go with our 3-range hydrostatic transmission. This servo control HST is operated by a pedal that helps reduce fatigue during long periods of use. Next up is your choice between a 2WD or 4WD model. You may not have need of a 4WD machine, and you can spare the unnecessary addition by opting for the two-wheel model. Lastly, you can go for Kubota’s Synchro Shuttle gear drive transmission. With 2 ranges and 4 speeds, you can easily find the right speed for whatever application you have at hand.

An Economy Utility with an Emphasis on UTILITY

You need to get the job done, whatever it is. To accommodate your every need, the Kubota MX series comes with a Cat II 3-point hitch. Our Economy Utility Tractor is also suited to support an optional front end loader and backhoe that are performance-matched to maximize the potential of your new tractor.

Ideal in Every Way

Because of its size, your economy utility machine is just right for most uses. It can hold a tight turning radius to make maneuvering in tight spots a breeze. Its hydrostatic steering makes for smooth, effortless operation that minimizes fatigue during your long work day. Your Kubota MX also comes with an easy-to-use PTO that operates with a simple push and turn. As always, an ergonomic layout of your controls makes for quick and efficient handling of any function.

Don’t wait for the great deal to land in your lap – come and take it! Contact an expert at Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment today for a quote, or visit our showroom in the Greater Houston Area today to test drive your new Kubota MX series tractor before you buy it!


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