Full-Size Kubota UTV

You want the best of everything, so you’re opting for a Kubota Utility Vehicle. If you’ve decided on a full-size utility vehicle, Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment offers the X1120, X1140, XG850 Sidekick, X1100C, and X900 models of Kubota full-size RTVs.

Power and Comfort Combined

From 21.6 to 48 HP gasoline or diesel engines, Kubota keeps your moving forward. The engines in our full-size utility vehicles offers power when and where you need it. Our liquid cooled engines have earned a reputation for delivering quality performance, no matter how demanding the jobsite is.

In Kubota full-size RTV models like the RTV-X1100C, you’re buying a luxurious heated and air-conditioned cab that keeps you quiet, dry and comfortable regardless of the outside conditions. This soundproof, rattle-free cab offers defrosting functionality, speakers and antennas for the optional radio.

An Exceptionally Smooth Ride

Whether it’s gravel or off-road, the front and rear independent suspension on your full-size utility vehicle will deliver an incredibly smooth ride. Each suspension is height adjustable with 5 positions for depending on the weight of your load.

Durable Driving for Hard Work

Your work frequently lies off the beaten path. With a 10+ inch clearance, CV joint protectors, and skid plates, our full-size side-by-sides are built to last through heavy use in rugged circumstances.

Haul Heavy Loads with Ease

You need a towing capacity that won’t limit your work. Many of our Kubota full-size RTVs have a 1300 lb. towing capacity. Our RTV-X1100C comes standard with a front and rear hitch receiver, and a 15+ cubic foot cargo box that can haul loads of all shapes and sizes.

Trust Bobby Ford for Your Next Full-Size Kubota RTV Purchase

At Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment, we carry the X1120, X1140, XG850 Sidekick, X1100C, and X900 models of Kubota full-size UTVs. Fill out our form for a quote on your full-size UTV today!


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