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A tractor is a major purchase for your property or business, and we understand your need to research which machine will serve you best. After all, you’ll spend decades with your tractor, so a few hours of research are justified. This article covers tractor specifications comparisons for six of the most common brands on the market today.

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This article breaks down the following tractor brand comparisons:


Feel free to explore each individual small tractor comparison article depending on which brand interests you the most.

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Kubota vs. John Deere

Kubota and John Deere are two of the most popular and highly-acclaimed tractor brands on the market today. The video above covers a compact tractor comparison between the two brands, while our article below covers a sub-compact tractor comparison.

Depending on whether you need your compact or sub-compact tractor for back-hoeing, mowing or other tough jobs on your land, you can consider factors like control, comfort, and horsepower into your comparison.

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Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson

Within the past decade, Massey Ferguson moved the production of its high-horsepower tractors from France to Jackson, Minnesota. A mid-size tractor comparison of the 100.5 cu-in engine in the Kubota L2501 to the turbo 91.3 cu-in engine in the MF 1726E, shows that the Kubota compact tractors can deliver more power at lower RPMs.

During your tractor specifications comparisons, be sure to consider warranties, service, and parts availability. Kubota has worked to build a reliable network of over 1,100 dealers in the U.S. Alternatively, Massey Ferguson lists around 700 dealers in its U.S. network.

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Kubota vs. New Holland

New Holland is a global agricultural and construction equipment company headquartered in Pennsylvania. On the agricultural side of their production, they produce tractors, seeding equipment, combines, UTVs and a professional servicing team.

The article below is a compact utility tractor comparison between the New Holland Workmaster 35 and Kubota L3560. Within the article, we also compare tractor specifications between the New Holland Boomer and Kubota BX2680. This utility tractor comparison is important, as both of these tractors are major investments due to their size and versatility.

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Kubota vs. Mahindra

Kubota and Mahindra have both established a strong presence in the United States since the 1990s. Mahindra has five assembly and distribution centers in the U.S., but it still outsources the manufacture of certain engines, tractors, and accessories. The Mahindra eMax 25 is a re-badged tractor manufactured by TYM, and Mahindra has been known to outsource engines from Perkins and Mitsubishi.

One attribute to customers looks for on a tractor comparison chart is top speed. Consumers frequently compare the Kubota L3301, boasting a top speed of 14.1 mph, with the Mahindra 1533, that can reach a speed of 11.9 mph.

The tractor comparison review in our article below speaks to other aspects of customer service, size, and safety.

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Kubota vs. Kioti

We start this sub-compact tractor comparison off by clearing up a common misconception: Kubota and Kioti are two distinct companies.

In 2002, Kubota (a Japanese company) engaged in a nearly five-year-long lawsuit against Daedong Industrial Corporation (a South Korean manufacturing firm) and the U.S. distributor of its Kioti tractors. Kioti allegedly infringed on its trademark and trade dress by using the unique Kubota orange color and hood designs. Both tractor manufacturers use the orange color scheme for the bodywork of their machines today.

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Kubota vs. Yanmar

Yanmar’s YT347C diesel tractor and Kubota’s MX4900 diesel tractor are frequently pitted against each other in tractor comparison tools. In a head-to-head matchup, Kubota comes out on top in terms of engine horsepower, fuel capacity, and PTO.

Yanmar tractors are designed and assembled in Adairsville, Georgia, at the company’s facility. Yanmar engineers and technicians at the facility also carry out part replacements and servicing.

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Kubota vs. LS Tractor

There are over 100 LS Tractor offices and subsidiaries in more than 25 countries. All LS Tractor parts are manufactured in Korean-based plants, and they’ve been in the U.S. for just over a decade.

Kubota, in contrast, has had a Texas presence since 1982 and employs thousands of U.S. workers with its U.S. manufacturing base in Gainesville, Georgia. See our tractor comparison that includes one of the popular models at Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment, the Kubota L2501 in the Greater Houston Area.

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