Mahindra vs. Kubota

Since the 1990s, Kubota and Mahindra have both established a solid presence in the United States. Commercial businesses and consumers choose Kubota or Mahindra tractors based on how well the equipment meets their unique needs. Ultimately, every customer wants to minimize equipment downtime and maximize productivity.

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Mahindra vs. Kubota

Kubota vs. Mahindra Comparison

Let’s look at some key areas that prospective buyers often consider in the Mahindra vs. Kubota debate. A clear and detailed assessment of your commercial or personal needs will guide your purchasing decision.

Customer support

Kubota is known for its solid customer support and vast dealer network. Kubota has twice as many dealers in the United States as Mahindra does. There are approximately 1,100 authorized Kubota dealers and about 500 Mahindra dealers. In addition to outstanding customer support, some consider Kubota to be the best tractor for the money.


Outsourcing is an issue to consider while deciding between a Kubota or Mahindra.
Where are Kubota tractors made? Kubota tractors are manufactured by Kubota with engines built by Kubota. Kubota USA maintains multiple tractor manufacturing facilities in Georgia. Loaders and backhoes are also built in Georgia. Kubota’s engine facility is headquartered in Illinois.

Although Mahindra has five assembly/distribution centers in the United States, it does outsource certain tractors, engines and accessories. For example, the Mahindra eMax 25 is actually a re-badged tractor manufactured by Tong Yang Moolsan (TYM). Mahindra also outsources engines from Perkins and Mitsubishi and loaders/backhoes from KMW.


Business owners seeking maximum productivity consider operator comfort and ease-of-use. Kubota tractors emphasize spacious design and intuitive controls. Landscapers, farmers and others who need to use a tractor for lengthy periods of time will appreciate the comfortable high-back seats with lumbar support. Kubota tractors also offer the quick access you want for easy maintenance checks.


Although both companies offer a series of engines that meet diverse needs, Kubota’s compact diesel engines are leaders in their class. In fact, Kubota is the world’s foremost manufacturer of non-automotive, under 100 horsepower, multi-cylinder diesel engines.

Speed and productivity

In many commercial applications, higher speeds equal enhanced productivity. Before making a purchase decision, customers frequently compare the Kubota L3301, which can reach a speed of 14.1 mph, with the Mahindra 1533, which can reach a speed of 11.9 mph.

Kubota vs. Mahindra

Size and bulk

Mahindra’s larger wheels and bulkier build provide added lift height and capacity that are sometimes advantageous in certain working environments. A robust rear end can accommodate some larger, heavier accessories.
However, bigger is not always better when it comes to tractors. The more compact dimensions of Kubota tractors make them more maneuverable, improving access in tight situations.


Operator presence control is an important safety feature offered on Kubota tractors. The system automatically turns off the engine when the operator leaves the seat while the tractor is moving or when the PTO is engaged. By comparison, the Mahindra 1533 does not have this feature.

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