LS Tractor Vs. Kubota Comparison

Selecting the right tractor for your needs isn’t always about cost. One factor you’ll want to consider is tractor reliability. You need to think about engine speed, horsepower, and PTO (power take-off) as well. All these aspects and more will help you secure a great value that’s best for you.

Maybe you’ve narrowed it down to an LS or Kubota tractor. But you’re stuck because both seem to be quality pieces of equipment. How do you decide?

Keep reading for our tractor comparison. We’ll even have a look at two top models to give you a better picture of your options.

LS Tractor vs. Kubota

LS Tractor vs. Kubota

LS Tractor and Kubota offer a variety of tractors, along with construction equipment, utility vehicles, and lawn mowers. You’ll find that both LS and Kubota manufacture lineups of compact tractors, subcompact tractors, and utility tractors.

Here’s a detailed rundown of where they’re made and who’s behind the scenes.


Before you invest in this type of equipment, you’ll want to acknowledge the source. Where are LS Tractors made? Who makes LS tractors? And where is Kubota made? Get to know more here. Catch a glimpse of tractor production and the brands at work.

Where Are Kubota Tractors Made?

Kubota is known worldwide for their expert service and quality equipment. You’ll see their tractors in countless industries globally. But the U.S. manufacturing base is in Gainesville, Georgia. In fact, two Georgia plants manufacture and assemble over half of the Kubota equipment sold in America.

Where Are LS Tractors Made?

LS Tractor parts are made in South Korea. From there, the parts are shipped to the United States and assembled in various warehouses across America.

Who Makes Kubota Tractors?

Approximately 40,000 Kubota employees are behind the global enterprise. The manufacturing headquarters in Gainesville, Georgia, employs 1,200 local U.S. workers. They’ve been in action since 1988. But the headquarters in Grapevine, Texas, was established years before in 1982. Originally Japan’s first farm tractor, Kubota is well on its way to four decades of quality service in the States.

You’ll also find that same quality in over 1,100 Kubota dealers. Visit Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment, a leading Authorized Kubota Dealer in the Greater Houston area. You’ll find friendly, customized service. And we’ll help you understand exactly what you need for your job.

Who Makes LS Tractors?

There are more than 100 LS Tractor offices and subsidiary companies in over 25 countries. Still, all tractor parts are manufactured in Korean-based plants. They’ve been assembled here in the States for just over a decade now.


Now, let’s look at LS Tractor vs. Kubota on a reliability level. It’s important to understand that you’ll get years of reliable performance, right?

Kubota Tractor Reliability

Notably, Kubota diesel engines are number one in their class. They boast a rugged design, and customers have met with consistent performance. The ever-growing product line and increasing popularity are testaments to Kubota tractors’ reliability.

LS Tractor Reliability

There are many positive reviews about LS. Here’s one important note we hear from past LS customers, though: Be sure a dealer is in your area before you buy an LS. LS Tractor reliability can become a liability in some cases. If there’s no one around to offer the Korean-manufactured spare parts or mechanical assistance, you could have a hassle on your hands.

Kubota vs. LS Tractor comparison

Kubota L2501 vs. LS MT225E

Below you’ll find a few side-by-side comparison charts for LS Tractor vs. Kubota. Ultimately, you’ll want to consider your specific needs. Then choose if the Kubota or the LS Tractor reliability and specs will work best for you.

Overall Specs

Examine the overall specifications as you make your decision.

Kubota LS Tractor
Displacement Cu. In. 100.47 in. 80.4 in.
PTO HP 20.5 19.2
Engine Type 3 CYL 3 CYL
No. of Speed 8 x 4 12 x 12
PTO Type TM Driven IND
Hydraulic Total 8.3 GPM 12.5 GPM
Weight 2,601 lbs. 2,434 lbs.
Hitch Capacity 1,918 lbs. @ 24″ 1,808 lbs.
Position Draft Position Position
Fuel Capacity 10.0 gal 7.4 gal


Loader Specs

Consider the loading specs and your tractor needs.

Kubota LS Tractor
Max Lift Height 94.3 in. 92 in.
Lift Cap (@ Pivot Pin) 1,082 lbs. 1,600 lbs.
Break Force (@ Pivot) 2,373 lbs. 2,637 lbs.


Backhoe Specs

And finally, review the following backhoe specs.

Kubota LS Tractor
Digging Depth 91.8 in. 76.3 in.
Loading Height 66.7 in. 63.6 in.
Bucket Digging Force 3,421 lbs. 2,817 lbs.


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