Kubota Tractor Transmission Types and What They Mean

Kubota tractor transmission

When you are in the market for a new tractor, it is important to select one with a transmission type that suits your needs. Kubota offers several different tractor transmission types, and understanding the differences between them can make it easier for you to decide which Kubota tractor is right for you.

Kubota HST Transmission

Kubota hydrostatic transmissions are available on tractors and subtractors up to 60hp. This Kubota transmission type uses a rocker pedal to offer control to the driver. If you want to go forward, you push the pedal forward; conversely, you push it back to go backward.

There is no need to use the clutch to switch between forward and reverse gear, although you will still need to clutch to move between the high, medium, and low gear ranges.

A Kubota hydrostatic transmission farm tractor is a good option if you have never used a tractor before. The operation is similar to what you would find in a combine or Kubota skid-steer. The disadvantage of Kubota HST transmission is that it reduces the amount of horsepower you can get from the engine.

Kubota Shuttle Shift Transmission

A Kubota shuttle shift transmission does not require you to use a clutch to switch between forward and reverse gears. Kubota shuttle shift tractors and subtractors usually have between eight and 24 forward gears.

You will typically find this type of Kubota tractor transmission, particularly those used for cultivating, harvesting, and transporting hay. Loading work is easy because there is no need to use the clutch to switch between forward and reverse gears. Unlike some other Kubota transmission types, shuttle shift does not reduce engine horsepower.

Kubota transmission types

Kubota Glide Shift Transmission

Kubota glide shift transmission includes 12 forward and eight reverse gears. This type of transmission has a major advantage over other Kubota transmission types in that you never need to use the clutch when shifting gears. All 12 forward gears, as well as the reverse gears, are accessible without ever touching the clutch.

You will find this transmission type on the Kubota Grand L Series tractors, which have a horsepower range from 35 up to 60 hp. Learning to use the transmission on these tractors is easy due to the lack of clutch, while another advantage is that they quickly get up to speed.

Glide shift transmission is exclusive to Kubota tractors. If you want to reap the benefits of this easy-to-use transmission type, check out Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment’s line of Kubota tractors to find the model that is right for you.

Kubota DT Gear Drive

Kubota DT tractor models have a standard gear drive that includes eight forward gears and eight reverse gears. This transmission type forces you to use the clutch to switch between forward and reverse and to move through the eight gears.

If you plan to use your Kubota tractor for jobs that involve a lot of forward and reverse movements, the requirement to use the clutch a lot in this transmission type could become annoying.

However, Kubota DT gear drive transmissions are fantastic for pulling loads. There is no need to hold down a pedal to keep the tractor moving, so they are great for traveling long distances. The learning curve is a little steeper, but if you are already familiar with gear drive transmission machines, this tractor type could be right for you.

Choosing a Kubota Transmission Type

To find out more about the various Kubota transmission types, contact Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment today. Our tractor experts can help you find a Kubota that perfectly suits your needs.


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