5 Tips for Selecting the Right Kubota Mower


Whether it’s for commercial or domestic jobs, a mower is considered one of the most essential pieces of outdoor equipment you can own. Fortunately, Kubota mowers offer comfort, efficiency, and quality all in one. With dozens of models available, Kubota is bound to have the perfect machine for you. The only issue is choosing the right one. Here are five pro tips for selecting a mower that will suit your needs for the long haul.

1. Know Your Options

Kubota offers an impressive range of mowers that will help you tackle any job with ease. Here are the top five types.

Buying a new or used mower is a big investment, so it’s important to do your research and choose the model that will meet all your needs. With today’s advancements in mower technology, you’re sure to find one that can check all your boxes.

2. List Your Ideal Features

Every Kubota mower serves a specific purpose, and sometimes more than one. Some components will be more relevant to you than others. If you’re simply looking to mow your lawn, you may not need many advanced features or add-ons. However, if you need to traverse rugged terrain or cut several acres of grass at a time, you’ll want a mower that’s equipped to handle those tasks. There are many different aspects to consider, such as deck size, engine, transmission, steering, fuel tank capacity, cutting width, and more.

Some more advanced features include:

  • Wide-tread rear tires
  • Premium suspension seat
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Wide operator platform
  • All-season cab
  • High-heat tolerance
  • Tight turning radius
  • Additional mulching kit
  • Ergonomic controls
  • All-wheel traction

3. Consider The Application

The type of land you will be working on affects the style of mower you purchase. You need a lawnmower that can easily handle the length and breadth of your property without getting stuck or worn out.

For example, if you regularly deal with trees or other obstacles, you should avoid wide mowers and instead opt for one that can easily navigate around them. For larger fields, you’ll want to take speed into consideration. Pay attention to the specs and size of different mowers and think about how each model will function on your piece of land.

kubota mowers

4. Set Your Budget

Whether you’re a professional landscaper or just an average homeowner, it’s crucial to consider your budget before purchasing a new piece of lawn equipment. Mowers can be pretty expensive, depending on the kind you choose. For example, basic walk-behind mowers will be significantly cheaper than top-of-the-line lawn and garden tractors.

When doing your research, make sure you have a defined price range in mind. Not only will this help you stay on budget, but it will also guide you along the way and speed up the shopping process.

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5. Choose A Reliable Kubota Dealer

Are you buying your first Kubota mower or your tenth? Regardless, you must select a reliable dealership to work with. Check out your local Kubota dealer for expert tips on choosing the perfect mower for your property.

After all, you’ll likely be working with them for the duration of your mower’s life. In addition, dealers offer advanced financing services, ongoing maintenance, and even training for mower operation. Check out our guide for finding the best Kubota dealer near you.


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Now that we’ve explored the top tips for choosing the right lawnmower, the next step is up to you! Consider the pointers mentioned above when doing your research, and when in doubt, reach out to a trusted Kubota dealer near you for assistance.

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