Lawn Mower Comparison Chart – Zero-Turns, Riding Mowers, & More

Whether you’re a landscaping and maintenance crew, road department, or property owner, a lawn mower purchase is a big decision.

There are several major dimensions to consider, including:

As one of Greater Houston’s leading Kubota Dealers, we’ve got an impressive selection of Kubota mowers in stock. But how do Kubota lawn mowers measure up to the competition?

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Compare Lawn Mower Brands

Use this guide to compare zero-turn mowers, riding mowers, and lawn tractors from some of the leading brands. We compare lawn mower brands head-to-head so you can see the power of each machine across several common mower specifications.

John Deere vs. Kubota Mowers

A popular riding mower comparison is between the Kubota BX1880 vs. John Deere 1023E. These two highly-renowned brands offer quality garden tractors – see some of the pros and cons of the John Deere and Kubota riding mower in this video face-off.

Toro vs. Kubota

Another popular mower comparison is the Kubota Z200 series and the Toro Titan. These models include 54” mower decks, but Kubota has a slight edge with 0.5 more HP than its Toro counterpart. The Kubota zero-turn mower also has a faster reverse speed – which makes for great maneuverability.

Look at this zero-turn mower comparison chart for a more numbers oriented matchup.

Learn more by reading our Kubota vs. Toro zero-turn mower comparison.

Bad Boy vs. Kubota

The Kubota Z100 and Bad Boy Maverick are two popular machines within each brand. You can get different variations of each mower, but both machines weigh in between 862 and 925 lbs. If you’re working on delicate property, these mowers may not suit your needs.

Learn more in our Kubota vs. Bad Boy zero-turn mower comparison.

Cub Cadet vs. Kubota

A popular rivalry between Kubota and Cub Cadet is between the Cub Cadet XT1 LT46 and Kubota T2380. Both riding mowers help you fit between flower beds, but Kubota has a 48” deck which measures in at 2” larger than its foe. This makes for less mowing time depending on the size of your yard.

Both models sport 725cc engines and reach forward speeds of around 5.5 mph. The hydrostatic transmissions in both mowers make them a joy to operate.

Get in-depth details in our Kubota vs. Cub Cadet comparison.

Gravely vs. Kubota

If you take a look at their reviews, you’ll see that both zero-turns have made a name for themselves. For comparison’s sake, look at the Kubota Z231BR-48 and the Gravely ZT HD 991152. Both brands include decks with three blades, though Kubota’s fuel tank is a bit smaller. A smaller tank can help reduce the force your mower applies to your lawn, which is important after repeated use.

Learn more about these specs in our Kubota vs. Gravely zero-turn comparison.

compare lawn mower brands

Ferris vs. Kubota

The Ferris IS 2600Z with the Kubota ZD 1211-60 are similarly-sized machines that make for a relevant lawn mower comparison. The Kubota mower is a triple-cylindered, liquid-cooled, diesel-powered mower with 24.8 HP. The Ferris competitor uses a Yanmar diesel engine and maxes out at 24 HP.

Learn more today with our Ferris vs. Kubota comparison.

Ventrac vs. Kubota

Looking to compare lawn tractors with a front-mount cutting system? A match between the Ventrac 4500Y Tractor and the Kubota F2690 is just what you need. The Kubota front-mount mower measures in at 96.5 x 53.9 x 78.1 inches, making this thing a hog compared to the Ventrac’s 81.5 x 48.5 x 68 inch build.

Learn more about this matchup in our Ventrac vs. Kubota mower comparison.

Husqvarna vs. Kubota

Compare zero-turn mowers and lawn tractors in this breakdown between the Kubota Z251 vs. Husqvarna Z254 and Kubota T1880 vs. Husqvarna TS 142. I’ve even used a Husqvarna that would match up well with a Kubota walk-behind mower. While both brands are well-respected, this z-turn and riding mower comparison will help you determine which is right for your unique needs.

See more on this matchup in our Kubota vs. Husqvarna lawn tractor comparison.

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