Exmark vs. Kubota Zero Turn Mowers – Which Is Better?

A common cause for contention among lawn care professionals is to decide whether Exmark or Kubota zero turn mowers are ideal for landscape maintenance. Often, this leads to an Exmark vs Kubota zero turn mowers debate. If you’re torn between the two options, this article will help you settle for the best.

Zero Turn Mowers: Exmark vs. Kubota

When choosing between Kubota vs Exmark, important factors include power, speed, price, deck durability, and warranty. While the Exmark and the Kubota are indeed top-rated brands, it’s worth evaluating the machines based on these factors.

In terms of power, Exmark performs well with a horsepower of 35 hp, while Kubota has 30.8 hp. Exmark is also better in terms of speed (11.5 mph), while Kubota has a speed of 10.6 mph. There is a considerable difference between the warranty periods. Exmark offers up to 5 years warranty, whereas Kubota only provides a 2-year warranty.

exmark vs kubota mowers

Models and Variations

When thinking of Kubota zero turn vs. Exmark, you may consider the brands’ different models. Here is a closer look at models and variations from these brands:

Exmark Models:

  • Lazer Z: 48″ to 96″ decks
  • Quest: 34″ to 60″ decks
  • Radius: 48″ to 60″ decks
  • Navigator: 42″ to 48″ decks

Kubota Models:

  • Z100 (Kommander) Series: 21.5 – 25 horsepower engines
  • Z200 Series: 21 – 27 horsepower engines
  • Z300 Series: 23 – 32.5 horsepower engines
  • Z400 Series: 22 – 24 horsepower engines
  • Z700 Series: 22.5 – 25 horsepower engines
  • ZD1000 Series: 19.3 – 21.6 horsepower (Diesel) engines
  • ZD1200 Series: 24.8 horsepower (Diesel) engine
  • ZD1500 Series: 30.8 horsepower (Diesel) engine

If variety is a thing you would consider, Kubota has a wide array of models for you to choose from. You simply need to determine the right specifications that meet your mowing needs.

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Kubota ZD1500 Series vs. Exmark Laser Z Series

When choosing between Kubota or Exmark zero-turn, you may want to consider specific models such as the Kubota ZD1500 Series or Exmark Laser Z Series. Which model would you choose here?

Kubota vs. Gravely zero-turn mowers

The Kubota ZD1500 series delivers a 30.8 horsepower diesel engine. Mowing using this machine offers users the utmost convenience with its air ride suspension seat. Other interesting features include its mulching capability, split front axle, hydraulic mower deck lift, etc.

The Exmark Laser Z series comes with a variety of propane-fueled mowers, walk-behind, rear discharge decks, stand-on, and other features. The different options from Exmark’s lineup include Quest, Radius, Laser Z, and Navigator.

The Lazer Z-X series comes with the range of a 48″ to a 72″ deck. In terms of the fueling system, you can choose between diesel, gas, or propane engines.


It also helps to evaluate Kubota vs. Exmark zero-turn mowers in terms of dimension and weight. Exmark dimensions specs vary depending on the models you choose. Here are the dimensions for the Lazer Z E-Series:

  • Width – 59.6 in.
  • Length – 79.2 in.
  • Height – 70.5 in.
  • Curb Weight – 1118 lbs.

For the Kubota models, you will be getting a deck size range between 60 – 72″. Other dimensions are as follows:

  • Width – 63.0 in.
  • Length – 104.7 in.
  • Height – 78.7 in.

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Cutting Specifications

Exmark vs. Kubota can also be evaluated based on their respective zero-turn mower technology. However, Exmark boasts of maneuverability and that it delivers much more than a zero turning radius.

On the other hand, Kubota delivers varying cutting specifications depending on the model being used. For instance, the Kubota ZT3100 has cutting heights ranging from 1-4 inches with a cutting width of 42 inches.

Final Thoughts on Kubota vs. Exmark

There is a good reason why mowing experts would want to settle their Exmark vs. Kubota zero turn mowers debate. These zero-turn mowers deliver, and they set themselves apart from other brands. So whether you’re looking for premium performance, reliability, and quality, Exmark or Kubota zero turn can get the job done to perfection.

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