ZD1000 Series

ZD1000 Series

The ZD1000 series (ZD1011-48 / ZD1011-54 / ZD1021-60) is a versatile and dependable Kubota mower that can handle any job. This compact mower features the ACS (Aerodynamic Cutting System) Kubota Pro Deck which helps optimize airflow within the deck for faster cutting. The ACS prevents clippings from sticking together into clumps and the increased airflow helps reduce power consumption and increases fuel efficiency so you can work efficiently. The large spindle shaft and flexible discharge chute ensure the smooth and uniform discharge of clippings.


The Kubota diesel engine is powerful and reliable– giving you unparalleled performance and productivity without sacrificing your budget. Our dependable engines can get you through the toughest mowing jobs while staying environmentally friendly thanks to our fuel-efficient design. The ZD1000 also has a hydraulic deck lift system so you can keep mowing even if you encounter obstacles.

The deck on this zero-turn mower can be easily raised and lowered with your foot so you don’t have to leave your seat. When you need to perform maintenance, the engine hood and special maintenance hatch (under the platform) is simple and easy to access.


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