What Size Tractor Do I Need? – Kubota Horsepower, Transmissions & More

Kubota’s extensive line of tractors and accessories meets the diverse needs of its many different customers. There are numerous Kubota tractor sizes and types, including subcompact, compact, utility, specialty and agricultural designs.
what size tractor do I need?
The right Kubota tractor specs provide the perfect balance between price and productivity. Every landscape business, road department, farmer, and land owner has different goals. For example, a landscaper focused on multi-acre mowing jobs will have different priorities than a contractor or rancher doing a lot of loader work.

Kubota Tractor Engine Horsepower

Tractor engine specifications can be misleading because tractor engine horsepower is only part of the story. Consider the following farm tractor horsepower points before deciding on how much power you need. For example, if you are pulling accessories, the amount of horsepower available for pulling implements is important. Pulling a plow will require significantly more power than pulling a yard-brush wagon.
To meet EPA Tier IV standards, engines above 25.5 hp usually have diesel particulate filters (DPF) and more complex engineering. To avoid the higher costs, determine if you can successfully perform your rotary mowing or post hole digging with a 25 hp engine in a higher torque design.
Ultimately, the combination of engine, transmission and rear end should guide your decision more than stated horsepower alone. Also, a higher horsepower tractor may increase speed and productivity enough to offset the difference in price.

Kubota Transmissions

There are various Kubota tractor transmission types, including standard, hydrostatic and hydraulic shuttle. Each transmission type is ideal for certain tasks.


The standard transmission is an economical, reliable option. For those driving their tractor across open lawns or fields, a standard transmission will often suffice. On the other hand, loader work or other operations that require frequent shifting often take more time with a standard transmission.


It is often possible to choose a durable, low-maintenance hydrostatic transmission for your tractor for only a modest increase in price. Hydrostatic transmissions are helpful when you are doing loader work because they only require a single move to proceed in forward or reverse.

Hydraulic shuttle

Hydraulic shuttle transmissions are more common on larger, more powerful tractors. They also make it possible to shift from forward to reverse without engaging the clutch.

Kubota Front End Loader Lift Capacity

how to choose a tractor
Are you planning to use your tractor for loader work? If so, lift capacity is a key issue, particularly if you must lift buckets of dirt or hay bales. Front-end loader capacity is stated in various ways, including:

  • lift capacity to full height
  • static lift capacity
  • pivot pin capacity
  • bucket center capacity
  • lift arm capacity

You’ll always find a trade-off between front-end loader lift capacity and speed. High lift capacities typically mean slower cycle time. Cycle time is important because waiting for the bucket to go up and down significantly reduces productivity depending on the job.
An OEM front-end loader is carefully matched to a given tractor model, while the frame stress points and hydraulics of an aftermarket product do not always match up as well. Also, aftermarket loaders may void a tractor warranty in the event of a breakdown.

Kubota Tractor Weight

In most applications, tractor weight is of less concern than other variables, in part because weight can be added to the tractor as needed through tractor tire ballast or related methods. Also, Kubota tractor hydraulics may limit weight concerns. For example, an independent PTO with hydraulic engagement can significantly improve performance.

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