Kubota vs. Case IH Tractors

When it comes to choosing a tractor, you want to make sure you’re purchasing the best overall machine when it comes to factors like durability, speed, horsepower, and comfort. In this blog post, we’ll help you compare Kubota vs. Case IH tractors.

Kubota vs. Case tractors

Kubota vs. Case IH Tractors

Tractors are an important tool for farmers, road crews, landscapers, and many other professionals.

Case IH (which is headquartered in Wisconsin) offers a wide variety of agricultural equipment for your farm work and landscaping projects. U.S. Kubota tractors are made in Georgia, and the brand has decades of experience designing and manufacturing machines known for their exceptional quality and high level of comfort.

For a side-by-side view, let’s contrast the features on the Case IH Maxxum 15 with the Kubota M6-111.


Case IH utilizes its FPT Industrial engine, which uses SCR technology to increase horsepower. Their engines are designed with a four-valve-per-cylinder layout for an increased airflow and quicker exhaust. Case IH FPT Industrial engines meet Stage IV emissions standards.

Kubota engines are designed with the newest technology featuring advanced CRS, Common Rail Electronic Fuel systems, electronic governor controls, and multi-valve systems. The multi-valve systems maximize intake airflow volume and the speed of existing exhaust gases together to increase fuel economy and power output. Kubota’s CRS engines allow you to power through the toughest jobs due to its high torque.


The Case IH Maxxum 115 has a wheelbase of 95.9 inches and a weight of 11,300 pounds. The fuel tank has a capacity of 52.2 gallons and the engine oil (with filter) has a capacity of 16 U.S. quarts. The height to top of the cab is 84.6 inches.

The M6-111 Kubota utility tractor features a 13.1-foot turning radius (without brake) on the 4WD with Bi-Speed. This provides the shortest turning radius which increases productivity and makes it the most maneuverable tractor in this class (with Bi-Speed). It has a comfortable top of cab height of 111.8 inches.

Case vs. Kubota tractors

Transmission & Drive Train

The Case IH Maxxum 115 features a 16Fx16R transmission, also referred to as the Semi-PowerShift. This tractor’s clutch-type is wet and has hydraulic wet disk self-adjusting brakes. The front axle/4WD utilizes a U-Joint turn. The final drive type is inboard planetary, and it has optional electrohydraulic front/rear differential controls.

The Kubota M6-111 uses a 24Fx24R 8-speed, three range Intelli-Shift which provides advanced electronic shift control with auto-mode (which operates the shifting for you). It can also include a dealer-installed cassette type creep speed kit with 32Fx32R, which can provide you with flexibility. The Kubota M6-111’s front axle/4WD uses a bevel pinion with Bi-Speed turn which is an exclusive feature built by Kubota. It shortens the turn radius significantly and provides constant power at all steering angles.

Hitch & Hydraulics

The Kubota M6-111 has a lift capacity of 9,447 pounds, while the Case IH Maxxum 115 has a lift capacity of 6,900 pounds. They both utilize an open center hydraulic system. The Kubota has a total flower of 34.8 gpm while the Case IH tractor’s is 33.5 gpm.


The Case IH Maxxum 115, like many other tractors in its class, uses an Independent 540/1000 startup and electrohydraulic engagement method. The Maxxum 115 has an option between a dry clutch or a multi-plate wet clutch.

The Kubota tractor uses a Hydraulic Independent 540/1000 engagement with a self-modulating startup. All Kubota M-Series tractors are equipped with a hydraulic PTO clutch. The electric-over-hydraulic knob control ensures smooth engagement and the operator can always see the implement with ease.

Are Case Tractors Any Good?

Case IH tractors are powerful machines for a good value and the brand has a global presence that offers a wide range of choices. If you are located in North America and need a repair for your Case tractor, you can easily find replacement parts.

With a Kubota tractor, you can expect ease of operation, durability, and stellar customer support. We have several lines of tractors so you can pick and choose the right tractor for your specific job. If you’re looking for a leading Kubota dealer in Texas, visit Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment to view the different series.

Kubota controls are smoother and easier to use so you have complete control over your machine. Most Kubota machines require minimal maintenance and will last you years– in fact, we offer a comprehensive warranty so you know we stand behind our premium quality.

Visit Bobby Ford to Test Drive Your Next Utility Tractor

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