How to Drive a Kubota Tractor – Controls & More

how to operate a Kubota tractor

In this article, you’ll dive into how to drive a Kubota tractor and the essentials regarding Kubota tractor controls, such as the PTO (power take-off) to run attachments. Stick with us at Bobby Ford as we give you the rundown on how to operate a Kubota tractor.

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About Kubota Tractors

So, where are Kubota tractors made? Though they originated in Japan, U.S. Kubota tractors are made in Gainesville Georgia. They’re easily recognized because of their signature orange color. Kubota creates a variety of tractors, ranging in size from Kubota sub-compact tractors all the way up to Kubota utility tractors. Though Kubota offers many unique options, you can count on this: the basics for running Kubotas are the same across the board.

That’s right. If you can run one, you understand the foundation for running them all. It’s streamlined. This is certainly a quality that benefits you and your family or employees. Straightforward, consistent operations make sense.

You must know how to operate a Kubota tractor to ensure your safety and efficiency. So today, we’ll look at how to engage the Kubota emergency brake and the rear wheel brakes. Further, we’ll look at how to manipulate the throttle and smoothly operate the clutch, gears, forearms, and PTO.

How To Operate a Kubota Tractor & Kubota Tractor Controls

how to drive a Kubota tractor

In this section, we offer a step-by-step guide for how to operate a Kubota tractor. We hope you’ll find these steps concise, clear, and helpful. Your safety is, of course, a priority during any and all operations.

Step 1. Getting Started

Have a seat on your Kubota tractor. Your weight on the seat will activate the Kubota safety switch and make it possible to operate your machine. Then engage the emergency brake, which you will find close to the right well.

Shift the gearbox into neutral just before you turn the ignition key left. This warms the glow plugs. Unless the air’s temperature is cold, you must wait for about 10-15 seconds. If it is cold, then wait thirty seconds or more. Next, turn the key right to ignite the engine. Afterward, pull the throttle lever down. It can be found to the right of the steering wheel in front of you. This lever will increase the tractor’s RPM. Finally, place your right foot on the twin rear-wheel brakes. Important: It is now time to release the emergency brake.

Step 2. Moving Attachment

To lift the very front attachment from the ground, lift those front forearms using the control lever. On smaller models, it’s attached to your Kubota tractor’s forearm mounts. Be sure to pull the lever down to lift the attachment. Push that same lever up to lower your front loader. You may press right to tilt that attachment down. To tilt this attachment back, press left on the lever.

Step 3. Lifting and Lowering the Implement

Locate the lever above the right-side rear wheel well and pull it. You will notice that this raises the three-point hitch implement that is attached to the very back of your Kubota (up off the ground). To lower the implement, simply push the lever forward.

Step 4. Advancing, Reversing, and Cruising

First, locate the sway arm. You’ll find it on the right-side floorboard. Press forward on this sway arm with your foot. This action will move the Kubota forward. To move the Kubota in reverse, press your heel on the sway arm. Then, locate the hydrostatic lever; this will be discovered below the steering wheel. By lifting this hydrostatic lever, you can set the cruise control.

Step 5. PTO

Using your foot, lower the clutch. To shift the PTO (power take-off) into gear, look to your left and push forward on the lever located just under the console. If you want to engage the PTO, you must release the clutch. Then, to set the differential lock, you should press forward on the lever right in front of the clutch. All four wheels will be engaged simultaneously.

Kubota tractor controls

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