Kubota Tractor PTO Problems – How to Engage PTO

Kubota PTO will not engage

Today you’ll discover some common Kubota tractor PTO (power take-off) issues and how to troubleshoot them. You’ll learn about some necessary identification steps to take and even where to go when service is required. Along the way, you’ll even notice a few tips about prevention and maintenance.

Common Kubota Tractor PTO Problems

Kubota tractor PTO not engaging? Then read over these commonly asked questions regarding how to engage a PTO on Kubota tractors when issues arise. If you see your question here on our list, then we’ll give you some troubleshooting options as well as some likely successful tips in the following section of this article.

  1. What do I do if the PTO shaft turns even though the PTO is not engaged?
  2. Why won’t the PTO shaft turn, even after you engage the clutch and PTO light is on?
  3. What if the PTO grinds but won’t engage?

Not exactly what you’re looking for? These tractor powershift transmission troubleshooting tips will help.

What to Do When Kubota PTO Will Not Engage Properly

In this section, we’ll provide detailed answers to the questions listed above.

1. What do I do if the PTO shaft turns even though the PTO is not engaged?

Kubota tractor PTO not engaging

Some users have noticed the PTO shaft turning even when the PTO is not engaged. As the engine RPM rises above 1500, the shaft stops. However, the turning continues when the engine speed dips below 1000 RPM.

Though the turning is not forceful, it is sometimes enough to turn the attachment (whether a post hole digger or winch). Further, safety is an issue. If you found yourself caught up in this mechanism, escape would be unlikely.

The problem could be surfacing because of several things. You could have a bad clutch pack, but it’s very unlikely that it’s leaky. It might also be a bad clutch pack brake disc, which would not stop the clutch. If this is the case, a visual inspection would be necessary. Keep in mind that an entire teardown would be in the cards.

Most likely, there is a poor adjustment on the PTO control valve that permits it to only partially engage or float. An easy pressure test on the control valve would reveal if this is the underlying issue or not. If the RPMs are changing the engagement, it could be a weak seal. When the flow and pressure rise high enough, you experience the shut-off. On the other hand, when the flow and pressure decrease, it’s engaging again.

Bottom line? Get it fixed as soon as you can. If floating is the problem, then the brake will be damaged, and it will never stop the way it’s intended to. Check your warranty to see if this safety concern is covered.

Kubota Tractor PTO Problems Tip: This problem occurs when a bush hog, for instance, is shut off when the power is cut from the PTO. The blades continue to turn because of their weight. It should be noted that when the PTO is off, its clutch is disengaged. However, its brake is still engaged. The brake plate tab and PTO clutch holder suffer wear. *The implement should be turned off at idle speed only.*

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2. Why won’t the PTO shaft turn, even after you engage the clutch and PTO light is on?

Your tractor’s model will factor in here, but we’ll give some troubleshooting ideas for a Kubota tractor PTO not engaging fully. Likely, though, your PTO is all mechanical and possesses two hand levers. One lever is for the clutch plate. The other is for a PTO shifter.

You’ll notice the driveshaft running from the clutch at the engine over to the gearbox at the back of your tractor. This lowers the RPM to PTO speed and houses a shifter that engages and disengages the PTO. Some models have dual-speed, and some have single-speed with a neutral position.

To check things out yourself, examine the hand lever for the clutch. That linkage may be bent and could certainly be prohibiting the clutch from engaging. Next, look over the linkage to the rear gearbox. Be sure that’s not disconnected or bent either. You’ll see a shaft going through the box located on the top left, and looking from the back, the shaft moves the shifter inside. You might need to try disconnecting the outside rod and using vise grips to exercise the lever.

Finally, attempt to turn the PTO shaft manually. When shifted one way, it should be free, turning very easily. When shifted the other way, it should be connected to the PTO driveshaft, clutch, and turn much harder.

Tip When Kubota PTO Will Not Engage: When you see the PTO indicator light illuminated, understand that the light represents the linkage. The engagement inside the rear gearbox is not actually being sensed. Also, if the PTO clutch and gearbox are engaged, and the PTO still does not turn, then your problem is likely extensive. It’s inside, and the process to fix it will be extremely involved.

If you have any further questions or concerns beyond what this article covers, check out Bobby Ford’s Kubota tractor repair. Our experienced staff can help.

3. What if the PTO grinds but won’t engage?

Kubota tractor PTO problems

For most PTOs, there is no external adjustment. It’s all internal, and it consists of a clutch pack that is certainly replaceable. You should know that the damage to a clutch pack is caused by overloading the PTO with the task it’s given to power. For example, demanding a 50 HP tractor for the job of a 65 HP grinder/mixer will quickly cause clutch pack issues.

Often the PTO clutching rings and shaft need replaced because people use their tractors to run their 4-5 feet garden tillers and bush hogs without a slip clutch.

Tip for How to Engage PTO on Kubota Tractor Properly: Do not attempt repair without a service manual for your specific tractor. You may need to turn to a mechanic with Kubota expertise.

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