Kubota U Series Excavators

Kubota U Series Excavators

When you need a versatile excavator that can operate tough jobs in tight spaces, look no further than our U series. The Kubota U Series offers performance, convenience, durability, and comfort to help you tackle tougher jobs in even tighter spaces.


All of our Kubota excavators are powered by Kubota Tier 4 emission engines, which maximize digging and lifting performance, minimized noise and vibration, and are up-to-date on the latest engine emission regulations.

Kubota U Series excavators feature a spacious operator station with a fully flat floor to stretch your legs out more comfortably. Our digital panel has easy access and simple design so you can quickly understand indicators and alerts. All Kubota excavators have a two-speed drive allowing for efficient machine maneuverability and backfill operations. The Kubota U series has a wide variety of compatible attachments and tools, including trenching buckets, ditch cleaning/grading buckets, quick couplers, and much more.


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