Kubota BX vs. B Series Tractors

So many of you have asked: what’s the difference in the Kubota BX vs. B? It’s a great question we’ve decided to answer here on the blog. We love all the techs and specs, and we’re ready to share what makes these some of the best out there. Rest assured, no matter which you opt for, you’re getting a top-quality machine.

Kubota BX vs. B Series

Many times, we’ve found there are certain features that will lead a customer to choose one tractor over the other. So, we’ll talk about some of those features. And the advantages of having a larger vs. a smaller model for various applications. We’ll even look at two specific tractors – B2601 vs. BX2680 – highlighting a few similarities and differences.

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Kubota BX vs. B Series

Let’s dive in and get to know the Kubota BX vs. B. Before we begin, make a mental note of the tasks, chores, or work that you do regularly. More importantly, consider your acreage. What kinds of mowing will you do? What kinds of loads will need lifting? With those in mind, you can better assess the best tractor for you.

Kubota BX Series: The Sub-Compact Tractor

Kubota B2601 vs. BX2680

First up in our Kubota BX vs. B comparison is the BX. You can read internet articles all day long. But when you see it in person, you’ll notice that it’s smaller than the B series. It’s the starter tractor. If you’re used to a lawn and garden tractor, the BX will likely be your pick.

This machine has four-wheel drive, a diesel engine, a three-point hitch, and power steering. It’s a real tractor. But the Kubota BX is scaled down. It’s accessible and comfortable. It’s easy to maneuver. And it’s best for up to 2-3 acres and first-time real tractor owners. It’s a two-range transmission with only high and low controls.

Things to Consider

Ground clearance should be considered. If you’re working to pull trees or carrying out similar chores in heavily wooded areas, you’ll struggle. It’s simply not designed for rugged terrain. Even unassuming sticks can punch up into the transmission fan and cause damage. The BX is low to the ground – on purpose. It’s limiting in what you can fit on the three-point hitch due to its smaller size. But the low-riding BX is great for sloped property, as you work efficiently and safely.

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Kubota B Series: The Compact Tractor

Kubota BX vs. B

And now for the next option in our Kubota BX vs. B Series overview: the B Series. Here, you’ll meet with a three-range transmission with low, medium, and high controls. You’ll discover a good tractor weight that allows for ideal traction. It’s four-wheel drive and geared much lower. With it, you can pull logs and work well in those wooded areas. You can physically handle larger loads. The B Series does big tractor work.

The B Series provides more capacity and bigger buckets. Overall, it’s just designed for more functionality. And you can complete your chores quickly as well. If you have a higher capacity, that’s a given. It’s not that you can’t accomplish a great deal with the BX, but B will help you achieve your tasks in optimal time.

It’s important to note that both the B and the BX are going to move your loads. The B will get the job done faster. If you’re looking at 8-10 acres, it’s highly likely that you’ll lean on the B Series.

Things to Consider

One distinction we like to make is that the three-point hitch works differently in the B vs. the BX. Your control moves up and down in the BX. In the B Series, you’ll get positions 1-8. This can be necessary for some people. Your implement will consistently drop to the same point, depending on the selected position. In this respect, the B is your deluxe option.

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B2601 vs. BX2680

When it comes to the Kubota B2601 vs. BX2680, the horsepower of the engines is actually the same in these two models. Have a look here. But the B series will include a larger hydraulic system. And the transmission is more capable. The horsepower isn’t determining things like lift capacity, though.

Other things that are similar between the two series:

  • Range selectors
  • Loader sticks
  • Hydrostatic pedals
  • PTOs

The B2601’s ground clearance is 12.8 inches. The BX2680 is 8.4 inches. Once again, the B series is better for rugged terrain and wooded areas. It’s ideal for hauling and pulling. The BX will suit you on a few acres of lawn and garden. They’re both outstanding in performance. It simply comes down to where you’re working, the lay of your land, and the specific tasks ahead of you.

Two Great Tractor Series

There are so many numbers to explore on the spec sheet. Remember that both tractors can accomplish the same work. The real question centers on efficiency. The B Series will have more capable implements and work more quickly. But many of our customers are extremely comfortable operating the BX.

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