Common Kubota Zero-Turn Mower Problems & How to Prevent Them

The right mower can make a huge difference in maintaining a healthy lawn. So, when the condition of your yard starts to decline, it’s possible that the root of your problem may be the mower itself.

A lawnmower just like any other piece of machinery—sometimes it breaks down or needs maintenance. Common issues associated with Kubota zero-turn mowers include streaking, stepped cutting, uneven cutting, scalping, and stingers. In this guide, we’re going to explore these frequent Kubota zero-turn problems and determine what steps you can take to prevent them.

Common Problems with Zero-Turn Mowers

If you’ve ever experienced an issue with your Kubota mower, you’ve probably wondered what caused the problem to occur and why. Below we’ll discuss a few of the most common issues that Kubota owners encounter with their mowers.


Streaks occur when thin strips of uncut grass are left behind the mower. Streaking in your lawn can be caused by the following:

  • Dull blades
  • Worn blades
  • Not overlapping cutting rows
  • Deck is clogged with grass clippings
  • Engine speed too slow

Lawnmower streaking can be prevented by cleaning your mower, properly overlapping, mowing at an appropriate speed, and ensuring that your blades are sharp.

Step Cut

Stepped cutting occurs when sharp ridges are left on the surface of the lawn after mowing.

The possible causes of stepped cutting include:

  • Improperly leveled deck
  • Tires installed incorrectly
  • Blade installed incorrectly
  • Dented blade
  • Damaged deck shell
  • Damaged mower spindle

Avoid stepped cutting by checking to see if your deck is properly leveled, your blades are still intact, your mower spindle and deck shell are in good condition, and your tires are fully inflated. If you follow these steps, you shouldn’t have to worry about any step cuts in the future.

Uneven Cut

If you notice wavy troughs on the surface of your lawn after mowing, you might be experiencing uneven cutting. This can occur under a variety of circumstances, but here are the most common causes:

  • Improperly leveled deck
  • Dull blades
  • Damaged blade
  • Blade installed incorrectly
  • Damaged deck shell
  • Damaged mower spindle
  • Deck is plugged with clippings

To prevent uneven cutting, do regular maintenance checks on your mower to ensure that your deck, blades, and spindle are all in good condition and properly installed.


Scalping occurs when the deck of your lawnmower strikes the ground, cutting the grass blades off at the growing point. Scalping can result in uneven and unsightly browning of your lawn. After being scalped, your grass will likely take a while to recover from the damage. Some types of grass react worse to scalping than others, so it’s best to try to avoid the mistake at all costs. Here are a few causes of scalping:

  • Improperly leveled deck
  • Deck height is too low
  • Uneven tire pressure
  • Ground speed is too fast
  • Uneven lawn

To avoid the consequences of lawn scalping, examine your equipment to make sure your cutting height is correct, your deck is properly leveled, and your zero-turn mower tire pressure is sufficient. Also, check to see if your lawn is uneven. If so, you will need to roll or level it.


Stingers are patches of uncut grass left behind the mower, and they are typically caused by operator error or poor blade maintenance. Here are some specific causes of stingers in your lawn:

  • Dull blade
  • Worn blade
  • Clogged deck
  • Ground speed is too fast
  • Engine speed is too slow

Prevent stingers by checking to see if your mower’s blades are sharp and intact. Keep your mower clean, and pay attention to your engine and ground speeds. Learn how to safely drive a zero-turn mower in this quick guide.

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