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Kioti vs. Kubota Tractors – Are Kioti Tractors Good?

Kioti vs. Kubota

Dependable tractors have become indispensable for a wide range of applications in engineering, construction, landscaping and commercial agriculture. These vehicles can deliver the consistent, low-speed traction necessary to drive several compatible types of machinery.

While many companies produce commercial tractors, we will in this article consider two major brands – Kioti and Kubota.

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Are Kioti and Kubota the Same?

There is a misconception that both the Kioti and Kubota brands are the same. This is an incorrect perception. The two are distinct companies with a long-standing rivalry.

In 2002, Kubota, a Japanese company, filed a lawsuit against Daedong Industrial Corporation (a South Korean manufacturing firm) and its US distributor responsible for producing its Kioti tractors. Kubota alleged that Kioti infringed on its trademark and trade dress by using its unique orange color and tractor hood designs.

This dispute was resolved via settlement after a drawn-out legal battle spanning almost five years. At present, both tractor manufacturers still use the orange color scheme for the bodywork of their machines.

Are Kioti Tractors Made by Kubota?

As earlier stated Kioti tractors are completely distinct from Kubota counterparts and each company manufactures tractors with key features. Kubota and Kioti’s parent company, Daedong, worked together to build Kubota’s 02 tractor series. However, the brands are entirely separate, and neither U.S. production of Kioti or Kubota tractors share components.

The choice of whether to opt for either brand is dependent on end-user preferences.

Kioti vs. Kubota Tractors

To compare all the models of both Kioti and Kubota tractors head to head is quite difficult to achieve. A more feasible option is to compare the newer models of both tractor types which are the Kioti CK2610 and the Kubota L2501.


The difference in size between Kioti tractors vs. Kubota is small. While the Kioti CK2610H is slightly bigger, both tractors share similar turning radius of an estimated eight feet.

For storage purposes, the Kubota L2501 has an advantage as it is more portable. This tractor is approximately 7.5 inches shorter in length than its Kioti counterpart. This can make shed storage more convenient.


Although the engines used in both Kioti and Kubota vehicles are quite similar, there are some subtle differences in overall engine performance. Kubota has a long-standing history of producing efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly tractor engines. Apart from satisfying the most recent EPA regulations on emissions, the Kubota L2501 will provide a competitive amount of torque while consuming fuel sparingly.

Kioti vs. Kubota subcompact

Firstly, the gross horsepower generated by a Kubota L2501 tractor (24.8HP) is slightly more than that of its Kioti counterpart (24.5).

Drivetrain Specifications

There is very little variation between the drivetrain capabilities of the Kioti CK2610H and the Kubota L2501. Both vehicles utilize the same hydrostatic three-speed transmissions, wet disk brakes and have similar rpm power take-offs.


Just like with the drivetrain, the hydraulic systems on both the Kubota L2501 and Kioti CK2601H feature 3-point hitch and lift capacity, hydraulic power steering and gear-driven pumps with few differences observable in overall hydraulic performance.

are Kioti tractors good?

Warranty Periods

Once again this is another area of comparison where it becomes difficult to separate the Kioti and Kubota tractor models.

While both tractor manufacturers provide a cumulative six-year warranty on their machines as well as a 4-year coverage period for the drivetrain systems, the Kubota L2501 has a general hour limitation of 1500 hours in addition to a 2000-hour limit on its P-train warranty.

There is no clear effect of this distinction between the warranty periods for the Kioti CK2610H and the Kubota L2501.


One of the major factors that influence the choice of tractor equipment is the cost of purchase. After considering the suggested pricing from the manufacturers, the unit price for a Kubota L2501 tractor is higher than that of a Kioti CK2610H model however the discrepancy margin is not overly significant.

The right Kubota tractor packages in Texas could end up bridging the small price gap.

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