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Deutz Fahr vs. Kubota Tractor Comparison

A great tractor can last for decades, giving you the power to tackle any job that comes your way. Pick the wrong tractor, however, and you might end up with something unreliable and useless. Buying the right tractor is key to success when working on your land, so why not take the extra time to research your options?

We want you to have all the knowledge you need to find your dream tractor, so we put two reputable brands head-to-head in this quick guide to help you decide which machine suits your needs. In this article we’re going to show an in-depth comparison of the Deutz vs. Kubota, so keep reading to find out which tractor is best for you!

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Deutz vs. Kubota Tractor Comparison

Kubota is a leading equipment manufacturer that offers a broad range of products including utility vehicles, Kubota mowers, agriculture tractors and Kubota industrial equipment. On the other hand, Deutz-Fahr is a successful German brand that produces reputable tractors, agricultural machines and engines.

deutz vs. kubota

The Kubota Grand L60 Series showcases a vast range of compact tractors including the Kubota L3560, L4060, L4760, L5460, L5060 and L6060. Today, we’re looking specifically at the Deutz Fahr Agrolux 45 2WD and the Kubota L4508 4WD.

Transmission Specs

When tractor shopping, it’s important to take into consideration a variety of factors such as reliability, easy-to-use design and operating performance. Let’s get started by comparing each tractor’s transmission features.

Deutz Fahr Agrolux 45

  • Transmission Type – Constant Mesh/Synchromesh, helical gears
  • Gear Box – 8 Forward + 2 Reverse
  • Clutch – Single/Dual clutch w/ independent PTO clutch lever
  • Forward Speed – 18.6 mph

Kubota L4508

  • Transmission Type – Constant mesh
  • Gear Box – 8 Forward + 4 Reverse
  • Clutch – Dry type single-stage
  • Forward Speed – 17.7 mph
  • Reverse Speed – 6.3 mph

Engine Specs & Speed

The Deutz Fahr Agrolux 45 is powered by a water-cooled, 3-cylinder engine with a total displacement of 3000 cc and 45 HP.

Meanwhile, the Kubota L4508 features a powerful 4-cylinder, water-cooled diesel engine with a total displacement of 2197 cc and a maximum horsepower of 45.

It should also be noted that the Kubota tractor has a rated engine speed of 2600 RPMs while the Agrolux 45 has a rated speed of only 2200 RPMs. With this knowledge, the Kubota L4508 is already looking like the more attractive option.

However, the Deutz Fahr has a slight advantage when it comes to fuel tank size. The Agrolux fuel tank has a capacity of 14.5 gallons, with the Kubota coming in second with 11 gallons.

deutz fahr vs. kubota


These two machines certainly have impressive performances, but just how massive are they? Below are the exact specifications of the Agrolux 45 and Kubota L4508.

Deutz Fahr Agrolux 45

  • Front Tires – 6.00 x 16
  • Rear Tires – 13.6 x 28
  • Lifting Capacity – 4188 lbs

Kubota L4508

  • Total Weight – 3009 lbs
  • Wheel Base – 72.6 in
  • Overall Length – 122.8 in
  • Overall Width – 58.8 in
  • Front Tires – 8.00 x 18
  • Rear Tires – 13.6 x 26
  • Ground Clearance – 15 in
  • Lifting Capacity – 2866 lbs

Additional Features

Now that we’ve covered the basics of each tractor’s performance and capacities, let’s take a closer look at some details that can make all the difference.

Deutz Fahr Agrolux 45

  • Warranty – 2 year/2000 hr
  • Steering Type – Mechanical/Power Steering
  • Fuel Pump – Independent FIP for each cylinder
  • Brakes – Hydraulic operated, oil-immersed sealed disc brakes

Kubota L4508

  • Warranty – 5 year
  • Steering Type – Hydraulic Power Steering
  • Fuel Pump – Inline Pump
  • Brakes – Oil Immersed Brakes
  • Accessories – tool, canopy, TopLink, hook, drawbar, bumper
  • Additional Features – High fuel efficiency
  • Air Filter – Dry Air Cleaner

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Now that we’ve given you the lowdown on Deutz vs. Kubota tractors, you should be one step closer to finalizing your new tractor purchase. For even more valuable information, check out our tractor comparison tool where you can compare all of the popular tractor brands side-to-side.

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